Nov 30, 2010

MoneyBags at Mad Art

Lisa See Kim & Stan Chisholm

MoneyBags at Mad Art Gallery

Opening Reception Friday, December 3, 2010
7:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m.

Interactive Art Installations
Free Takeaways
MoneyBags game show


Danielle Spradley

Peter Pranschke

Danielle Fuhrman of Drew Henry Salon & Gallery

Benjamin Bergevin-Smith

Los Caminos Gallery

Declare It Art

STL Improv Anywhere

Mark Hunter Brown

Shawn "Dolor" Webb

Crystal Kamoroff

Thomas Linder

Ryan Powell

Live Music from 18andCounting & DJ Luxxter

Free or $5 raffle ticket for a chance to enter the live MoneyBags Game Show.



Working with a motif usually seen only in cartoons, MoneyBags is a public art
project that transfers the recognizable image of the moneybag from the comic to the
real and playfully challenges society’s values, the role of currency, the idea of ownership,
and human impulses towards greed and generosity. Moneybags has multiple iterations,
and is not bounded by any single project. An ongoing collaborative network is
established and continually expanded on that continues beyond the life of any one
particular project. Over the past year, we have been dropping handmade moneybags,
filled with various handmade items and messages, in unexpected public locations
throughout Chicago, St. Louis, New York City, Tokyo and other cities. Our largest iteration of Moneybags took place during Art on Track, where we filled a
Chicago CTA train car brim to brim with bags made by the public.

Our mission is to encourage our audience to question the status of a given
currency. We seek to empower participants with the skills and opportunity to partake
in a collaborative art project that communicates their personal perspectives within a
context of mutual exchange and interaction.

MoneyBags at Mad Art gallery will include a culmination of past interactive installations as well as newly structured projects specific to this very event and space. The MoneyBags Game Show will be a performance where gallery attendees buy inexpensive raffle tickets for the chance to win various grand artworks in an exchange that is normally foreign to the gallery circuit. The Cellout Artists will be a collection of artists chosen by Kim & Chisholm to exhibit in Mad Art's notorious jail cells and about the gallery. The night will also include musical from DJ Luxxter & 18andCounting, free art and plenty of chances to expand upon the young & fresh public project that is MoneyBags. Exhibition open through Dec 30

Sep 17, 2010

A Very MoneyBags Weekend Sept 24,25,26

Sept 24th- Financial Aid: We will be apart of the Money/College Multi genre Art and Music show at 2720 Cherokee, St. Louis MO. Be prepared for an interactive installation and a very special MoneyBags DJ set by yours truly, 18andCounting.

We aim to mix up the different cliques and bring a higher quality of attention, cause and detail into the DIY/Independent nightlife. We do so by involving the following Artist's and Musicians...

Sept 25th & 26th -MoneyBags Workshop: Day 1: In conjunction with my solo exhibits NewPop I & NewPop II Lisa See Kim & Stan Chisholm will foster a MoneyBags workshop. Together we will construct bags and currency to be dropped about the City of St. Louis. Expect Screen printing lessons, Sewing constructions and impromptu projects.

DAY 1: St. Louis Artist Guild 10am-4pm
DAY 2: Hoffman LaChance Contemporary 6pm-9pm (Potluck and Closing Reception)

May 25, 2010


MoneyBags took part in it's first gallery show (A Sense Of Place) a lil bit ago, where we allowed the people of Kansas City to embark upon the MoneyBags Mission. We attended the opening with great hospitality then returned to the City of Fountains at the end of the exhibition to drop the creations made during the show.

May 24, 2010

down under up here.

MONEYBAGS HAS DROPPED IN AUSTRALIA... sort of. i recently dropped a few random moneybags in the down-under-belly-of-chicago. please enjoy and look out...your neighborhood could be next....

Mar 23, 2010


This week in Chicago, if you know what's good for you, you'll get to experience a solid performance collective and venue known as The Inconvinece. This week they launch The Strapped Festival, several days of art and theater performance plays that will "examine the current economic recession-some plays are funny, others freakish; some quick witted and some musical"

It's a fun place to be, for real. Plus my buddy Meredith Kachel is pulling in the arts, she's quite rowdy, so it's gonna be good.

And oh yea you can expect to see a few MoneyBags laying around the place. PickEmUp, PickEmUp, PickEmUp!

Mar 22, 2010

A Sense of Place

MoneyBags in the Gallery? Fo Show!
A Sense of Place opening reception on
April 23rd
The Monarch Gallery located 3829 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo 64111


A Sense of Place wishes to further establish a dialogue within the arts regarding the subjects of functionality, viewer interaction, and the art of generosity, and how these elements can work together to create a holistic community.

A Sense of Place will feature the work of: Justin Rulo Sabe, Judah Wenger, Lora Campbell, Andrew Lyles, Elysia Contreras, Christopher John Schrat, Christina Lenert, Wen-Dan Lin, Leila Hybl, Kristen Montgomery, Lea Griggs, Tess Stilwell, Jaclyn Senne, Christina Dostaler, Stephen Proski & Sean Starowitz, Sarah Skidmore, Ryan Fletcher, Matthew Jorgensen, Charlie Mylie & Abbe Finley, Ramzy Masri & collaborator, MoneyBags (Stan Chisholm & Lisa See Kim), Eric Thomas Wolever, John Hilger, Sara Cramer, & Amanda James.

New Art In The Neighborhood

Lisa and I got the chance to make MoneyBags with a 5 star group of High School students who are apart of the New Art In The Neighborhood program at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. This was a rare chance for us to sit and present the project, plan, create the bags and currency, AND make the drop in a matter of a few hours. EXHILARATING.

Here are a few of the drops we made.

Jan 27, 2010

elementary, my dear.

I was fortunate enough to tag along with Sabrina Severns, educator, artist, and baker extraordinaire to pump out another $bags workshop at Marvin Garvey elementary in Chicago. And that Miss Severns, boy is she crafty; slinking around a slim time constraint and even slimmer budget, she concocted a new way to make kid friendly moneybag printing screens: using a hybrid cheese cloth/mesh fabric (porous, but sturdy) and embroidery hoops, we were able to make reusable, easy clean up screens (I would say no mess, but them kids can get down!). The results were, I think, were an all around success. Lessons learned: 5th graders freak out at the idea of a "guest artist", a little cardboard and duct tape go a long way as a squeegee, and elementary school toilets are much shorter than I remembered.

Jan 13, 2010

Words For Ekklesia-"Created to Create"

Words For Ekklesia has started the beginning stages of their MoneyBags Movement. The small ministry of Christian creatives has 7 U.S. cities plus the country of Panama planed in their upcoming tour. But while they're still at home in SouthWestern Missouri, I'm told, that the coffee shop, "CoffeeBuzz," has re-opened their doors just for WFE to meet weekly for MoneyBaging up until their departure. Below is a video of their progress thus far. We'll be sure to keep up with these guys and share their efforts with you.

Oct 15, 2009

Art On Track-MassiveMoneyBagDrop

Here it is! The first of many big drops. People continued to make bags, there were trades and all sorts of new rules being tossed into the mix, that's how we like it. Filled the train, kept it stocked and we still have more bags. if you're looking to get your hands on one or wanna help out, give me the word and I'll mail it to you. Don't be one of them cool kids who waits for it to blow up before you give it your time.

The show lasted from 11am-8pm circling above the downtown streets of Chicago. The looks on people's faces were pricesless upon discovering that they could not only look through the bags, but keep them if they chose. And seeing a platform full of running bodies dragging moneybags doesn't happen unless we make it happen.

Keep your ears open for the next. and Keep contributing. ThisAintOver


------------photos by Joan (MojoMom)------


*Bags, Printed Images, Labor, Motivation, Sanity, Assistance, Inserted Bag Item aka Currency were provided by the people of the world. Special Shout outs to Jay Kurtz & Ashley Daley, Randi, Daryl, Jeremiah Catalano-Reilly, Emily Heymeyer, Keith A. Bucholz, Courtney Trapp & her Mom, The Campers of SCOSAG, Ron, Ben Bergevin-Smith, Lindsay Brenner, Courtney WIlliams, The DePaul University Crew and anyone who called us crazy