Jan 27, 2010

elementary, my dear.

I was fortunate enough to tag along with Sabrina Severns, educator, artist, and baker extraordinaire to pump out another $bags workshop at Marvin Garvey elementary in Chicago. And that Miss Severns, boy is she crafty; slinking around a slim time constraint and even slimmer budget, she concocted a new way to make kid friendly moneybag printing screens: using a hybrid cheese cloth/mesh fabric (porous, but sturdy) and embroidery hoops, we were able to make reusable, easy clean up screens (I would say no mess, but them kids can get down!). The results were, I think, were an all around success. Lessons learned: 5th graders freak out at the idea of a "guest artist", a little cardboard and duct tape go a long way as a squeegee, and elementary school toilets are much shorter than I remembered.

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