Mar 23, 2010


This week in Chicago, if you know what's good for you, you'll get to experience a solid performance collective and venue known as The Inconvinece. This week they launch The Strapped Festival, several days of art and theater performance plays that will "examine the current economic recession-some plays are funny, others freakish; some quick witted and some musical"

It's a fun place to be, for real. Plus my buddy Meredith Kachel is pulling in the arts, she's quite rowdy, so it's gonna be good.

And oh yea you can expect to see a few MoneyBags laying around the place. PickEmUp, PickEmUp, PickEmUp!

Mar 22, 2010

A Sense of Place

MoneyBags in the Gallery? Fo Show!
A Sense of Place opening reception on
April 23rd
The Monarch Gallery located 3829 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo 64111


A Sense of Place wishes to further establish a dialogue within the arts regarding the subjects of functionality, viewer interaction, and the art of generosity, and how these elements can work together to create a holistic community.

A Sense of Place will feature the work of: Justin Rulo Sabe, Judah Wenger, Lora Campbell, Andrew Lyles, Elysia Contreras, Christopher John Schrat, Christina Lenert, Wen-Dan Lin, Leila Hybl, Kristen Montgomery, Lea Griggs, Tess Stilwell, Jaclyn Senne, Christina Dostaler, Stephen Proski & Sean Starowitz, Sarah Skidmore, Ryan Fletcher, Matthew Jorgensen, Charlie Mylie & Abbe Finley, Ramzy Masri & collaborator, MoneyBags (Stan Chisholm & Lisa See Kim), Eric Thomas Wolever, John Hilger, Sara Cramer, & Amanda James.

New Art In The Neighborhood

Lisa and I got the chance to make MoneyBags with a 5 star group of High School students who are apart of the New Art In The Neighborhood program at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. This was a rare chance for us to sit and present the project, plan, create the bags and currency, AND make the drop in a matter of a few hours. EXHILARATING.

Here are a few of the drops we made.