Oct 15, 2009

Art On Track-MassiveMoneyBagDrop

Here it is! The first of many big drops. People continued to make bags, there were trades and all sorts of new rules being tossed into the mix, that's how we like it. Filled the train, kept it stocked and we still have more bags. if you're looking to get your hands on one or wanna help out, give me the word and I'll mail it to you. Don't be one of them cool kids who waits for it to blow up before you give it your time.

The show lasted from 11am-8pm circling above the downtown streets of Chicago. The looks on people's faces were pricesless upon discovering that they could not only look through the bags, but keep them if they chose. And seeing a platform full of running bodies dragging moneybags doesn't happen unless we make it happen.

Keep your ears open for the next. and Keep contributing. ThisAintOver


------------photos by Joan (MojoMom)------


*Bags, Printed Images, Labor, Motivation, Sanity, Assistance, Inserted Bag Item aka Currency were provided by the people of the world. Special Shout outs to Jay Kurtz & Ashley Daley, Randi, Daryl, Jeremiah Catalano-Reilly, Emily Heymeyer, Keith A. Bucholz, Courtney Trapp & her Mom, The Campers of SCOSAG, Ron, Ben Bergevin-Smith, Lindsay Brenner, Courtney WIlliams, The DePaul University Crew and anyone who called us crazy

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